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About us

The title “Minds Matter” embodies the significance of individual aspiration, creativity, and a social collaboration of artistry and innovation. We want to honor artists of all kinds, by encouraging self-expression and using our clothing as a template for unique designs. To facilitate a creative outlet for ourselves and those around us.

Minds Matter Clothing stems from a circle of peers that have a similar goal, to produce limited edition apparel; also to bring forth an exclusive clothing line that reaches out to the local community by giving back to those in need and donating to various charities. For example, promoting education by donating to classrooms within Chicago.

We hope that all of you will embark on this journey with us. Minds Matter Clothing will take root and begin to grow as we begin our endeavor to bring you quality clothing and attributing to positive change in our local community. We hope to meet all of you along the way and remember… Every mind matters!